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Find More Winners with PDS Trader
(Like This Trade With an 85% Probability of Success and Over 10:1 Max Win to Max Risk Ratio!)
Watch How PDS Trader can Open a Whole New World of Trading Opportunities to You Not Available with any Other Option Tool on the Planet
There is one goal and one goal only with PDS Trader, and that is to help you find more winning trades.
This is accomplished through:
  • Custom Strategy Scans
  • Strategy Scans
  • Opportunity Projection Graphs
  • Enhanced Projection Graphs
  • ​Custom Projection Graphs
  • Personalized Email Notifications
As the creator of PDS Trader, I can tell you there is not a single day that goes by that I do not use PDS Trader multiple times to find a better trade.
Prebuilt Standard Strategy Scans
With over 18 standard strategy scans built in, the trades are just a mouse click away (click on the “eye” icon to see current opportunities).
  • Credit Spreads
  • Iron Condors
  • Calendar Spreads
  • ​Butterflies
  • ​Directional Trades
  • ​Covered Calls
  • ​And Many More
Drag & Drop Custom Strategy Builder
Create virtually any option spread strategy and/or option spread pattern you can think of in mere minutes with our powerful, drag and drop option strategy builder.  

Below is “My 27% Per Week” strategy pattern. It takes less than 2-minutes to build this pattern, and once it is built, it is then in your “Custom Strategies” section. Click on the “eye” icon to view opportunities.

You can also click on the “copy” icon of any standard strategy and use them to easily customize your own variations of each of the strategies.
Instantly you will have every opportunity at your fingertips…click on any one of them to expand the details…
Opportunity Projection Graphs
More of a visual person? PDS Trader will present every single projection graph of every single opportunity within a single strategy…you can scroll and quickly see which trade best suits your goals and risk/reward metrics. Simply Click on “compare risk graphs”
Custom Projection Graphs
This is perhaps one of the most practical, useful benefits to PDS Trader, especially for the active option spread trader.  
Click on “Open Portfolio for this Risk Graph” and every field becomes customizable to test an endless number of “what if” scenarios, including expirations, strikes, trade size for each leg, price for each leg, entry price, exit price, volatility changes, etc.

You can also create separate “groups” for each leg or combination of legs.

Be sure to watch the video for this feature. It is amazing. 
Customized Email Notifications
Don’t want to open up PDS Trader to see the opportunities of a certain strategy every single day? No problem. Click on the “bell” icon and PDS Trader will automatically send you a list of that day’s opportunities at the end of the day to your email address.
We are just getting started…

Once you start using PDS Trader, you’ll wonder how you ever traded without it. I can’t imagine not having this tool available to me. 
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