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Cash Flow Spreads Master Workshop
Time is Money. So is Knowledge.

Combine them, and you have the recipe to write your own check.

That is exactly what the Cash Flow Spreads approach gives you.

For the rest of your life, you’ll be able to potentially generate significant income through a concept that I use repeatedly, week in and week out, giving myself tremendous probabilities of long-term success.

And it is only going to get better as more option expirations come on the board.

The Cash Flow Spreads approach takes advantage of “warped time
decay” between various options and expirations.

Just a few short years ago, what this unique strategy can do was 
not even available.

That’s because the only way to trade option spreads was based 
on monthly expirations.

Exclusive Workshop Recording

I am offering the virtual experience by giving you the recording of my Master Workshop to help you learn to become a Cashflow Spreads Master Trader.

Exclusive Access

 Thank you for recommending some courses for me last month, I have almost finished watching all of them (Virtual Cashflow Master Workshop, Fixed Ratio Money Management and Ryan Jones Trading Short Courses Bundle). They are amazing and definitely the best trading courses I have ever had. Thanks! 

-Thomas S

Now there are Monday, Wednesday & Friday option expirations in the 3 major indexes, and soon to add Tuesday and Thursday expirations.

It is these short time periods between expirations that creates the almost unbelievable “warped time decay”. And if you aren’t taking advantage of them, you are missing out on one of the most lucrative income producing machines known to man.

It is not uncommon to generate between $5,000 – $10,000 in a single week trading these “warped time spreads”.  
Week after week after week I show profitable trades using the basics of this approach in my LIVE TRADE webinars. I closed out $2,637 in profits with very low risks:  
(If you want to see dozens and dozens of the trades I have covered in the LIVE TRADE calls this year, scroll down to the bottom of this page)
While these trades taken in my LIVE TRADE calls are great, they pale compared to what I am going to show you during my CASH FLOW SPREADS MASTER WORKSHOP.

Check Out This ACTUAL FILL using my powerful Cash Flow Techniques you’ll learn at the Workshop:
  • No Risk to the Downside
  • HUGE Profit Zone Peaking Out at Almost $30,000 to the Upside
  • Maximum Risk is Approximately $2,000 if SPY Moves to 430
  • ​Only 2% Probability of SPY Moving to 430
  • ​Trade Ends in Just 3-Days
This isn’t even the “Best” Trade on the Board. 

The trade below is called my “Umbrella” Trade and when it's available it is almost “Too Good to be True”…
Again, these are actual fills.
Imagine taking a single trade that can produce up to $20,000 in a matter of 3-Days with no projected risks.
Now, of course, THERE ARE RISKS with this trade. But the combination of things that would have to happen to create any risk whatsoever is almost a statistical impossibility. All of these are thoroughly examined in the Cash Flow Options Master Workshop.
Potential Profits Whether Markets
Move Up, Move Down, or Move Sideways
Most of the trades we put on make money in all directions, and the only risk is if the market makes an extreme move in one direction or another…and even then, the risks are very small. 

Plus, there are tricks to the trade that can eliminate risks during the trade, allowing for more trades to be placed (Profit Stacking).

This is Where the Profit Potential Gets Crazy Sometimes.

Sharpened Like a Surgeons Blade

I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of these trades. I have honed this strategy into an efficient potential income-producing machine.

I’ve done the work for you. I’ve spent thousands of hours pouring over the markets, various trades, endless contingencies.

And now I want to share all of the secrets with you. I want to give you the wealth of information I have so you can potentially start reaping the weekly windfalls right with me.

That is why I put together the only workshop of it's kind, the Cash Flow Spreads Master Workshop

Our in-person workshop is extremely limited in size. 

So we put together a professional crew to give the virtual experience through recordings. 

I want you to be able to take advantage of what can sometimes be insane option opportunities thanks to my special “Cash Flow” approach. 
I want to make sure everyone attending the workshop (in person and the virtual experience) gets the attention they need, and walks away with a straightforward, actionable trading plan designed to build wealth FAST.

That is why I periodically provide a LIVE zoom Q&A session for all virtual attendees to answer any lingering questions.

Considering I just showed you one-week of trades that have the potential to produce $20,000 in profits in just 3-Days with a very high-probability of some sort of success…

And considering the very high-probability associated with these trades…

I could easily charge $10,000 or more for this workshop. And at some point in the future, I probably will.  
But for a limited time, I am making it easier for those who see value in becoming a CashFlow Spreads Master by this discounted pricing.
When you walk away from this workshop, you are going to know exactly what you are going to trade, how you are going to trade it, why you are going to trade it, and how to scale to consistently generate a potential 5-figure income month in and month out.  
All that is left for you to do is sign up and show up.  
Cash Flow Spreads Virtual Master Workshop 
You Pay only $3,997


All trades are ACTUAL FILLS (Screenshots of my TradePartner Platform) and covered in my LIVE TRADE calls:
Filled on 3/15, exits in just 3-days…
Filled on 3/29, trades end NEXT DAY.
Combination trade where both were winning….
Then the market dropped putting one at a loss, but increasing the other to a big profit… This is how combination trades work.
Sometimes they don’t work out quite as good…but still…
More combo trades:
There are dozens and dozens of ways to do this every week…this week I demonstrated a whole host of trades:
WE can go on, and on, and on…
When you learn how to set these trades up, your financial future will never look better…whether the market moves up, down or sideways.

Secure Your Spot Now.
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